Borderlands 2 all Hidden Vault Symbols Locations Guide

The borderlands 2 guide will take you through all the different missions on locating all the Hidden Vault Symbols.

borderlands 2

During Borderlands 2 you will come across to all the hidden Vault Symbols locations during the game. Follow the video guides below that will show you where to find all the hidden vault symbols as you complete challenges, missions and all the different sections of the game. These symbols are quite difficult to locate during the game but you can find them below here and see which ones do you need to collect in the game. Borderlands 2 is about 20  chapters long and you will need to complete all of them as with the AI is tougher than before and getting all those hidden vault symbols in the game will not be easy.

Claptrap’s Place – Hidden Vault Symbol All Area Challenges with Vault Symbols – Southern Shelf
Borderlands 2 - Claptrap's Place - Hidden Vault Symbol (Cult of the Vault)
Borderlands 2 - All Area Challenges with Vault Symbols - Southern Shelf

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