Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ Source Code Stolen

Bohemia Interactive’s servers hacked, DayZ Source Code possibly stolen

An extremely unfortunate event for DayZ Standalone‘s developer Bohemia Interactive seems to have recently occurred. Based on a now-removed forum thread on game hacking forum Unknown Cheats, it appears that the DayZ source code may have been stolen from the Czech video game developer’s servers via SQL injection.

The alleged attacker going by the alias “DevDomo” posted evidence that he or she gained access to Bohemia’s servers by posting several images of alleged source code files and his or her method of access.

Bohemia Interactive confirmed that they have “detected an attack ” on some of their servers. They went on to say “the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated.”

Bohemia Interactive confirmed that no user data was accessible from the attacked servers and that current developer goals and schedules for their games have not been affected.

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