BO3 Zombies Revelations How To Turn on the Power Tutorial

In this guide will show you in Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations How To Turn on the Power Tutorial. The way you turn them us is by location the four different corruption engines and turning them on with 500 points each. Explore the map and below are the different locations where you can find the Corruption Engines.

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By finding all the four corruption engines you will TURN ON THE POWER and will have power for all the different locations that you will need to visit in Revelations Zombies.

  • First location or the four Corruption Engines is on the first level of and is located by the spawn room.
  • The second corruption is located in Eisendrache Area 
  • The third one is located by the Mob of the dead
  • The fourth one is located in the voruk area

Once you find all the  4 locations you would had already spent 2000 point.

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