BO3 Zombies Revelations How To Pack A Punch Guide Tutorial

Here is how to get in Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations Pack A Punch guide

In this guide will help you on Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations How To Pack A Punch Tutorial that will show you all the different steps that you will need to complete in the game to be able to solve it and get the pack a punch. Below are the steps that you will need to take or complete to unlock the Pack A Punch in Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations:

First you will need to find all the locations to the Corruption Engine Statues, there are 4 of them located throughout different sections and once you locate them you will need to over ride them by holding the Square button on PS4 or the X button on Xbox 1.

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By finding all the four corruption engines you will TURN ON THE POWER and will have power for all the different locations that you will need to visit in Revelations Zombies.

  • First location or the four Corruption Engines is on the first level of and is located by the spawn room.
  • The second corruption is located in Eisendrache Area 
  • The third one is located by the Mob of the dead
  • The fourth one is located in the voruk area

Once you find all the  4 locations you would had already spent 2000 point. Now you will need to head back to where you originally came from and head up the stairs

Now you will need to know how to Activate to fire Tesla Death Ray. To activate the death ray so you can electrocute the worm you will go up the stair and wait until the big worm is around the electrical structures and the death ray machine lights up red you then activate it so you can open a secret passage that is located by going INSIDE the WORM mouths.

Zombies Revelations Inside the Worm Belly

When you are inside the worm you will need to shoot the 3 valves that are holding the worms heart and shoot each, once you shoot all 3 parts the Pack A Punch will drop and you can upgrade your weapon for 500 points each time. Once you acquire the pack a punch it will always be there along with the worm electrutacted. When you unlock the pack a punch you will unlock the Pack-A-Punch_Ectomy trophy and achievement.


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