Bloodborne Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The Bloodborne Walkthrough will guide you through the entire gameplay of the game.

Our Bloodborne Walkthrough will guide you from the very beginning of the game, such as the character customization and show you all the different features that you can make so you can have your own unique warrior. Along with this we will provide you with best in game strategy to defeating all the different enemies in the game along with all the boss fights and unlocking the different trophies that you have available in the game.

In the Bloodborne walkthrough you will also see the different type of weapons that you can have, earn and upgrade in the game. Along you can equip them in your inventory and use them for either left or right hand, as weapons in the game are important on which you use to fight the enemy you will find that different weapons suit different playing styles. As you progress through the game you will be able to master the weapons that you unlock and carry it with you to reach its potential. Each weapon comes with Blood Gem Imprints, which acts as infusion slots. Trick Weapons usually have 3 slots, while Guns mostly have 1 slot.

The player attributes in Bloodborne are the stats such as Strenght, skills that you can level up and Attributes provide your characters increased stats. Vitality increases your hit points and Endurance improves your Stamina.

TOC: Walkthrough | Trophies | How to Play Tips | Bloodborne Combat Guide | Character Customization | How to Upgrade Weapons | Blood Gems Locations | Yahar’gul armor set Tutorial | Charred Armor Location | Vicar Amelia Boss Fight | Merciless Boss Fight | Amygdala Boss Fight | Rom The Vacuous Spider Boss | Holy Blade Location | Tempering Blood Gemstone Location | Black Church Armor Set Location | Hunter Armor Set LocationCharred Hunter Armor Set Location

Bloodborne Walkthrough Videos below:

Bloodborne Walkthrough Part 1 LOSEFKA’S CLINIC Got My Shotgun and Axe First Kill

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fd8ot1XHZY

Bloodborne Character Customization and Creation

Thanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzutl9UKqwI

Bloodborne Controls and Part 2 Next

Controllers are similar to souls games if you have played them before.

L1 Button:

Transformation of right-hand weapon (transforming weapon)
When transforming during attack, it becomes a “Transformational Attack”

L2 Button:

Attack using left-hand weapon (gun/torch):
When holding right-hand weapon with both hands, it becomes a special attack

R1 Button:

Attack using right-hand weapon (transforming weapon):

    • When holding down the button, it becomes a charged attack
    • Left stick forward +R2 Button: Jump Attack

R3 Button:

Use to see Stat properties when on your stat screen


    • Use Blood Vial (Restores HP) – (Unable to use if inventory is empty)



    • When locked-on to enemy: use left stick and will step in the inputed direction
    • When not locked-on to enemy: use left stick and will roll in the inputed direction
    • Hold Down button + Left Stick: Sprint Press again while sprinting and will become a sprint-roll

X Button: Action button

Square: Use item

Right Stick: Control the Camera

R3 (click right stick)

    • When enemy is nearby: Turns on/off lock-on
    • When enemy is not nearby: Resets Camera

Left Stick: Controls the player character

Directional Buttons

    • Down: Switch item to be used
    • Right: Switching right-hand weapon
    • Left: Switching left-hand weapon

Counter Shot

  1. Shoot gun just before enemy attack hits
  2. The enemy will start to collapse
  3. When the enemy is collapsing follow up with R1 button
  4. A high power special attack will Occur


  1. Hit the enemy with maximum charged attack from Behind
  2. When enemy is collapsing follow up with R1 button
  3. Will set off a high power attack different from normal attacks.
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