Bloodborne How to Upgrade Weapons Guide

Bloodborne How to Upgrade Weapons Guide

The following Bloodborne guide we will show you how you can Upgrade your weapons in the game. Bloodborne how to upgrade weapons guide is a crucial part for you to do in the game. Just like in souls games upgrading weapons you earn or acquire give you a better chance to stay alive.

One of the main things you need when upgrading weapons is that you will need Blood Gem Imprints.

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Blood Gem Imprints are part of Bloodborne’s advanced weapon upgrades.

Each weapon comes with Blood Gem Imprints, which acts as infusion slots. Trick Weapons usually have 3 slots, while Guns mostly have 1 slot.

  • Imprints decide which type of Blood Gems the weapon can be infused with.
  • Imprints are unlocked by fortifying the weapon.
  • Fortify to +1 unlocks the 1st slot, +3 the 2nd slot, and +5

You can carry two types of weapons, one in each hand. You can have a combination of firearm or an ax on the other hand. Using your weapons as much as you can allows you to grow into it and as you level it up you will be able to adapt with it and defeat your enemies easier.

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