Bloodborne How to Defeat Martyr Logarius Boss Walkthrough

Bloodborne How to Defeat Martyr Logarius Boss Walkthrough

In this video guide it shows you how you can defeat Martyr Logarius Boss when you reach the location of it. What you will need to do is have a good strategy to defeating Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne. What you will want to do is one of the main things is evade the boss each time it approaches you and anticipate when he strikes with his stick that shoots a magical skull head and attacks you fiercely with his sword and his spear, make sure you time well when you evade Martyr Logarius and hit it with melee attacks in the body, specially using the charge attack, that is the weak point of Martyr Logarius. Do this repetitively each time Martyr Logarius attacks you and you evade, but sometimes he will surprise you with a counter attack so do be ready for that when you are fighting it and get ready to move fast and strike strong.

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Bloodborne How to Defeat Martyr Logarius Boss Walkthrough

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