Bloodborne gives you the option to purchase Blood Rocks

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the update 1.09 Bloodborne is now available. Thanks to this, it is possible to acquire Blood Rocks The Hunter’s Dream.

If you finished the latest title From Software know that the above is a fairly major change. The Blood Rock is an object that works to elevate your equipment at the highest level and there is only 1 in the main campaign, 1 in The Old Hunters (although it is also possible to find some Chalice Dungeons). Each Blood Rock will cost 60 points Insight.

To make matters worse, the version 1.09 of Bloodborne also includes several related to the strength and amount of energy required to use some weapons changes. In addition, the cost of the Blood Stone Chuncks dropped from 30 to 20 points Insight.

As usual in this type of patches, Bloodborne received several general settings.

Bloodborne came exclusively for the PlayStation 4 March 24, 2015 and its expansion, The Old Hunters , debuted in mid-November. Remember that here find more information related to this title.

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