Bloodborne Cainhurst Location Guide

Bloodborne Cainhurst location can be found by following the video guide below. How to get to the Cainhurst castle does take some time and eventually you get there and are able to unlock the Cainhurst Trophy due to gaining entry to cainhurst the lost and runed castle.

ainhurst is the home castle of old nobles, once actively interacting with Yharnam. They were bound by their bloodlines and by-the-book when it comes to their traditions, before suddenly disappearing, and therefore ending their trades with Yharnam. Now just a cold ruin, Cainhurst has forever lost its road to return home to Yharnam. Only a lake with a deep mist, and dark ominous valleys as far as the eye could see.

Bloodborne Cainhurst Location

Follow the steps below to finding the path that directs you to the Cainhurst Castle:

Head the forbidden woods lamp. Run across the bridge and continue the path. Go along the wall which is infront of a village with a red lamp window. You will then turn left behind the house and you will see a cave. Continue through the cave all the way through. You will climb a very tall ladder and arrive near the starting area and gain access to the clinic.

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