Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Walkthrough

Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Walkthrough

Welcome to the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Walkthrough in which will guide you through the complete survival of all the different type of enemies and how to survive waves of them as they come.  The map is placed in Morg City in the 1940 in which you will be part of one of the four characters in Shadows of Evil such as the Femme fatale, the magician, the cop and the boxer. Which character will you choose to go through all the different waves, bosses in Shadows of Evil as you begin the journey. In our Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadow of Evil Walkthrough we will show you the different strategies in the game that will allow you on how to level up fast through the new XP progression system.  We will also provide you with locations to building your own different wonder weapons along with all the different locations that you need to find in Shadows of Evil as well as the buildables, wonder weapons, perks, gobblegum weapon customization. Below you can find the different type of point breakdown in which you will be able to unlock different perks in the game with the Shadows of Evil Gumball Machine Abilities and their different colors and perks powers. Follow our complete Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies to find how to unlock weapons, wonder weapon parts, perk machine locations, where do they spawn and unlock the various achievement and trophies in the game.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Walkthrough

  • Aftertaste (Immediate 3 rounds): You don’t lose any perks when you’re downed but you will still need to be revived.
  • Alchemical Antithesis (Player Activated – 30 Seconds): Every 10 points you get 1 Ammo for your current weapon instead
  • Always Done (Immediate – 3 rounds): You can walk around in ADS faster and ADS in & out faster.
  • Danger Close (Immediate – 3 rounds): Zero explosive damage to you.
  • Dead of Nuclear Winter – (Player Activated – Use 2 times):Spawn a Nuke powerup.
  • Ephemeral Enchancement (Player Activated – Use 2 times, 30 Seconds): Turns current weapon into Pack-a-Punch version.
  • Firing on all Cylinders (Immediate – 3 rounds): Have the ability to fire while sprinting.
  • Immolation Liquidation (Player Activated – Use 3 times): Spawn a “Fire Sale” Powerup.
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (Player Activated – Once): Spawn a random Powerup.
  • In Plain Sight (Player Activated – 1 time): Be ignored by Zombies for 10 seconds (as seen in trailer).
  • Killing Time (Player Activated – 1 time): Zombies will stand still for 20 seconds, If shot they are marked and annihilated after the 20 seconds are up.
  • Kill Joy (Player Activated – 3 Times): Spawn a “Carpenter” Powerup.
  • Lucky Crit (Immediate – 1 round): Additional roll against the percentage chance on the player’s AAT
  • Now You See Me (Player Activated – Once): For 10 seconds all Zombies will target you specifically.
  • One For The Road (Immediate – 10 minutes): Increase normal limit of 4 perks to 5 perks for 10 minutes.
  • One The House (Player Activated – Once): Spawn a free perk Powerup.
  • Perkaholic (Immediate – Until Downed): Get all of the perks in the map.
  • Phoenix Up (Player Activated – Once): Revive everyone and keep all perks.
  • Pop Shock (Player Melee – For Next 5 Melee Attacks): Melee attack does electric arc damage to nearby Zombies, similar to DG-2.
  • Private Eyes (Immediate – 2 Rounds): An icon similar to the grenade icon shows up when any zombie is within 10 feet so they can’t sneak up on you.
  • Respin Cycle (Player Activated – Twice): Makes the magic box respin to a new weapon choice.
  • Stock Option (Immediate – 5 mins): Do not need to reload weapon, ammo is pulled from the stock before the clip.
  • Impatient (Immediate – Lasts until bleedout): Respawn when the last zombie of the round spawns, rather than the start of the next round.
  • Sword Flay (Immediate – 5 mins): x5 Multiplyer on Melee damage.
  • Wall Power (Immediate – Last until next primary wallbuy purchase): Next primary wallbuy weapon purchase provides the weapons Pack-a-Punch version.
  • Who’s keeping the score? (Player Activated – Twice): Spawn a double points Powerup.

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