Black Ops 3 zombies der eisendrache how to unlock wolf bow upgrade quest (paintings)

Black Ops 3 zombies der eisendrache how to unlock wolf bow upgrade quest

In this guide will show you how you can in Black Ops 3 zombies Der Eisendrache unlock wolf bow upgrade quest in which will allow you to level up the bow and make it more powerful. Doing this tutorial takes sometime in trying to first figure it out but no worries, do take a look at the steps below and video tutorial that will show you all the steps and locations to all the four paintings that are in der eisendrache.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache Painting locations to enable wolf bow upgrade:

  1. Painting number one is located in the tower that is across the tele-porting device after you turn on the power
  2. Painting number two is located in the trophy room, above the MPD room
  3. Painting number three is located in the room which looks like a church
  4. Painting number four is located in the projectile room that is when you go down the stairs after you enter the MPD room

After you find all 4 painting and enable each of them you will then head down to the pyramid room where on the wall that faces closests to the stairs will brake off and the upgraded bow will pop from the wall.

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