Black Ops 3 zombies der eisendrache Electric Bow Upgrade Guide How to

Black Ops 3 zombies der eisendrache Electric Bow Upgrade Guide How to

in this guide will show you the steps in Black Ops 3 zombies der eisendrache on how to upgrade to Electric Bow. The steps to unlocking this awesome electrical bow take some time but the results are well worth it as this der eisendrache guide will show you how powerful this electric bow is.  If yo have not unlock the bow, then take a look how to unlock bow.

There are 4 type of bows that you can upgrade in Der Eisendrache and the electric bow is one of them. Also when you unlock all 4 bows you will also complete the Der Meisterbogenschuetze – In Der Eisendrache, obtain all of the ancient bows achievements and trophy.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache Steps to unlocking Electrical Bow

  1. Activate the Death  ray by shooting at a symbol on top of one of the pillars and across the power supply to turn on the Death ray
  2. Grab the items that came out of the wall from the pillar that you shot the symbol, this is the beginning of the quest
  3. Next you will find in the map 3 camp fire places that you need to light up with your fire arrow
  4. 1st camp fire is by the Rocket Launcher, 2nd camp fire is by where you spawn, 3rd camp fire is across the teleporting area
  5. Step  5 has 5 parts in one: You need to head to the Pyramid room where you will see on the wall 5 glowing items that are on the wall. There you will need to run on the wall and run over all 5 of the glowing items. Once you complete this step you will get a audio confirmation that you have completed it and you will unlock the location of all the 3 URNS.
  6. Next go find all the 3 Electrical Urns and feed 10 zombies souls just like you did with the dragon when you unlocked the bow
  7. When you find each of the URNS you will light up a arrow with electricity in which you will use to light up in electricity the 3 camp fire places from STEP 3 above
  8. Once you light up all 3 camp fires you will head to the pyramid room and in one of the corners you will find a chest that you will enable it and an electrical arrow will show up in the chest.
  9. This last step you will need to feed the chest with the electrical arrow zombies souls until it has had enough and then go to it and enable it so you can reforge the fire bow into the ELECTRICAL BOW.
  10. Now you have unlock the Take a Bow Trophy/Achievement


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