Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Levels, XP and Unlocks Guide

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Levels, XP and Unlocks Guide will help you on knowing what you get and need.

As you play Black Ops 3 Multiplayer you will level up in rank and build up your XP and unlock all the goods that the multiplayer for Black ops 3 brings. Currently this information comes from the Black Ops 3 beta and it might change once the final game releases.  In the game you will need to level up as you raise your rank in each of the levels you will make various items available in which you will need a token to unlock Specialists, weapons, abilities, perks, and scorestreaks.

The cap level in the beta is only 28 so that means you only have 28 Unlock Tokens to unlock various items in the Black Ops Multiplayer so be wise and know what you want to unlock.

Lv Rank XP Unlocks
1 Private First Class 3000 Ruin Specialist, Outrider Specialist, ProphetSpecialist, Battery Specialist, UAVScorestreak, Hellstorm Scorestreak, TalonScorestreak, Kuda SMG, Weevil SMG, ARK-7 Assault Rifle, Man-O-War Assault Rifle,KRM-262 Shotgun, BRM LMG, LocusSniper Rifle, Drakon Sniper Rifle, MR6Pistol, XM-53 Launcher, Frag Lethal,Concussion Tactical, Afterburner Perk 1,Sixth Sense Perk 1, Blind Eye Perk 1, Fast Hands Perk 2, Ante Up Perk 2, Hard WiredPerk 2, Gung-Ho Perk 3, Blast SuppressorPerk 3, Awareness Perk 3
2 Private First Class II 4600 HVK-30 Assault Rifle
3 Private First Class III 5200 Flashbang Tactical
4 Lance Corporal TBA Razerback SMG
5 Lance Corporal II TBA Overclock Perk 1
6 Lance Corporal III TBA Semtex Lethal
7 Corporal TBA Dingo LMG, Perk 1 Greed Wildcard
8 Corporal II TBA Tracker Perk 2
9 Corporal III TBA HC-XD Scorestreak
10 Sergeant TBA Combat Knife Special, Perk 2 GreedWildcard
11 Sergeant II TBA EMP Tactical
12 Sergeant III TBA Care Package Scorestreak
13 Staff Sergeant TBA Haymaker 12 Shotgun, Perk 3 GreedWildcard
14 Staff Sergeant II TBA Engineer Perk 3
15 Staff Sergeant III TBA R.A.P.S. Scorestreak
16 Gunnery Sergeant TBA BlackCell Launcher, Overkill Wildcard
17 Gunnery Sergeant II TBA Trip Mine Lethal
18 Gunnery Sergeant III TBA Dart Scorestreak
19 Master Sergeant TBA Sheiva Assault Rifle, Primary GunfighterWildcard
20 Master Sergeant II TBA Flak Jacket Perk 1
21 Master Sergeant III TBA Rolling Thunder Scorestreak
22 Master Gunnery Sergeant TBA Seraph Specialist, RK5 Pistol, Secondary Gunfighter Wildcard
23 Master Gunnery Sergeant II TBA Black Hat Tactical
24 Master Gunnery Sergeant III TBA G.I. Unit Scorestreak
25 Second Lieutenant II TBA Cold Blooded Perk 2
26 Second Lieutenant TBA Vesper SMG, Tactician Wildcard
27 Second Lieutenant III TBA Counter-UAV Scorestreak
28 Lieutenant TBA Nomad Specialist, M8A7 Assault Rifle,Danger Close Wildcard
29 Lieutenant II TBA Thermite Lethal
30 Lieutenant III TBA H.A.T.R. Scorestreak
31 Captain TBA L-CAR 9 Pistol
32 Captain II TBA Tactical Mask Perk 3
33 Captain III TBA Power Core Scorestreak
34 Major TBA Reaper Specialist, VMP SMG
35 Major II TBA Smoke Screen Tactical
36 Major III TBA Guardian Scorestreak
37 Lieutenant Colonel TBA XR-2 Assault Rifle
38 Lieutenant Colonel II TBA Ghost Perk 1
39 Lieutenant Colonel III TBA Wraith Scorestreak
40 Colonel TBA Spectre Specialist, P-06
41 Colonel II TBA Combat Axe Lethal
42 Colonel III TBA Lightning Strike Scorestreak
43 Brigadier General TBA Trophy System Tactical
44 Brigadier General II TBA Scavenger Perk 2
45 Brigadier General III TBA Mothership Scorestreak
46 Major General TBA C4 Lethal
47 Major General TBA Shock Charge Tactical
48 Major General TBA Dead Silence Perk 3
49 Lieutenant General TBA Cerberus Scorestreak

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