Black Ops 3 How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 Guide

In this tutorial we will show you how you can unlock the Dead Ops Arcade 2 that is found in call of Duty Black Ops 3.

The way you can unlock Black Ops 3 Dead Ops Arcade 2 is by advancing through the campaign. The Dead Ops Arcade is unlocked after you complete Mission 2 from the Black Ops 3 Campaign. Now to access the Dead Ops Arcade 2 you will need to go in to the social hub place that is accessible throughout the campaign.  You will need to the Data Vault where most of the items that you unlock in game will show,  Press X to view what you have unlock and you will see the Dead Ops Arcade 2 in that Data Vault and all you have to do next in press on it and there you go.

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