Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Turbine Locations Guide

Black Ops 2 Zombies will guide you on collecting all the different turbine locations.

black ops 2 zombies

As you play Black Ops 2 Zombies, either in Tranzit or Survival mode you will need to build different turbines to be able to access other rooms and to move forward as you go through the different waves of zombies. The guide below will help you on locating all the Black Ops 2 Zombies buildable turbine locations and all the different bus stops that you will do. This means all the different items such as car door, dolly power switches and much more that you need to know where they are for you to be able to gather all necessary pieces to build your Turbine.

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black ops 2 zombies
You will start the game and build turbine, all equipment is in room, turbine is power source that open doors on stop 1,2.

stop 1: build 2 is a zombie shield, car door and dolly, which i have always found on that stop, dolly has always been in cafe

stop 2: build 3 is turret, lawnmower, gun, ammo bag, possibly something else, requires the turbine to work and all parts at stop most in house

stop 3: build 4 is power switch, all parts located in section, zombie hand, lever, and switch box, turns on power, can also turn off again which i think is for a reason

Stop 4: and 4 abandoned buildings and rare book store, also the door next to your desk. these spots randomly contain pieces for other builds

Build 5: Stop 3, after power is on, it is an electric trap, i equip and power turbine activated and i died, not sure if it kills zombies but i think it will trap the electrical guy, havent tried it yet, all the pieces were there and then suddenly having harder time finding them

Build 6: stop 4 is not yet determined, as mentioned most of these parts are scattered in the abandoned turbined required spots, i have only located the parts and have been unable to get them all at same time seems it would require 3-4 separate trips to complete but looks like a jet engine. also a part is in stop 3 looks like wires

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