Black Ops 2 Teddie Bears Locations Guide

Black Ops 2 Teddie Bears guide will help you on locating all the different bears in the game.

Black Ops 2 Teddie Bears

Black Ops 2 Teddie Bears guide will help you with locating all the 3 different bears in the tranzit or survival for the zombie mode of the game. Each teddie bear is located is different bus stops of the zombie tranzit and survival mode of the game. Below are the three locations of the bears, follow the steps in order so you can get all of them in the game. Let us know what you think about finding teddie bears in the zombie mode? Did you want more teddie bears?

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  • The first Teddie Bear is at spawn Location, on the bench that is to the right when you leave the building
  • The second teddie bear is at the second Bus Stop, go upstairs in the house to the right.
  • The Third bus stop is on the 5th Bus stop, this one is in the the building to the left and along the wall when you enter the building.

Watch the video below for all the locations

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