Black Ops 2 Revolution Mirage Overview Guide

Black Ops 2 Revolution Mirage Overview Guide will take you through the new map and provide you with a great strategy.

Black ops 2 revolution Mirage overview

Black Ops 2 Revolution Mirage Overview guide will guide you through one of the four new DLC multiplayer maps that you will play in. Follow the Mrage Multiplayer Map to guide you and help you find all the great spots and different items that need to be gather to give you the best strategy to completing.

TOC: Die Rise Zombies WalkthroughAchievementsHydro MapGrindDownhill

About Revolution Mirage Multiplayer Map:


A dilapidated luxury resort, ravaged by a catastrophic sandstorm, where a range of long distance and close-quarters combat will mix up the action for all play styles.


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