Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Zombies Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Walkthrough will take you through the entire mode and give you great tips to surviving.

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Zombies Walkthrough

The Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Zombies Walkthrough will guide you through the San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz Island where four gangsters are prison and now they see them self against waves of zombies as each one of them have separate set of skills to defend them selves.

The Mob of the Dead zombies walkthrough will take you through all the different obstacles that this new zombie style or mode comes with and provide you will all the tips and tricks to completing all the traps, upgrade all the different traps and taking on all the zombies. Will also show you how to collect all the teddy bears in Mob of the Dead so you can add it to your collection.

You will be part of four prohibition-era mobsters, Billy Handsome (Liotta), Al “The Weasel” Arlington (Pantoliano), Salvatore “Sal” DeLuca (Palmentiri), and Michael “Finn” O’Leary (Madsen) serving time in Alcatraz Prison, as you will depend on your skills and with blunt instruments and improvised weaponry as you battle the zombies infesting and overrunning the island. Now to survive the zombies waves you have to work together so you won’t become a victim. If you become the victim you will go into the purgatory and into the afterlife with new gameplay style and new experience as you go through the different levels. Follow the complete Mob of the Dead zombies Walkthrough below to get the best strategy to advance through the zombie mode.

TOC: Mob of the Dead Zombies WalkthroughTeddy Bear LocationsMob of the Dead Zombies NavCard Machine Locations, Plane parts locationsMob of the Dead Warden’s KeyMob of the Dead Mystery Box

Part 1  Part 2 – Lets get these Zombies
Mob of the Dead Zombies Black Ops 2 Uprising Commentary  Mob of the Dead Zombies Black Ops 2 Uprising Commentary Match 2



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