Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide

Black Ops 2 Intel guide will help you on locating all the different locations through out the entire game.

black ops 2 intel locations

Black ops 2 Intel locations can be located throughout the entire gameplay of the game and will be in all the different missions that you will be completing. Below is a complete Black Ops 2 Intel Locations that we are bringing you to help you locate all the different locations. We also have video guides that will show you step by step from the very first intel until the last one in the game, this will also guide you on unlocking the High IQ achievement and trophy in the game as well as get you closer to finding all those details in the game to help you find them all. Let me know what you think about all the different types of Black Ops 2 Intel Locations and if you need more help with completing the game and finding all the different locations of other items or unlocking them then take a look at the links below:

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Black Ops 2 Intel Locations

Angola 1986

1. First BO2 Intel in located on the truck where the mortar armor is located to load your guns, there in the truck you will find the first intel location.

2. When you load on the boat, and you aboard it is on the tops level on the Left side

3. This intel is located in a smaller sniper tower where the intel is located. this is the second sniper tower, NOT the bigger tower but the small one.

Celerium Myanmar 2025

4. we move into the current date of 2025 and the Intel is located on the left side in a small room. Around the area where you need to destroy two drones.

5. The intel is located in side a room that is before a big staircase. The room is to the left side of the staircase.

6. This next Black Ops 2 Intel is located inside the room where the scientist and all the other armed bad guys came in from, go inside the room and the intel is located in a long desk.

Old Wounds 1986

7. The intel is inside the cave by the crates on the right side of the cave where there is some light on glowing on the crates. This is around the sections where you are under fire.

8. Alright Horses are back but we are in 1986. The intel is located right next to a post that has two auto tires on it. The post also has a red flag and is located to the right of this post.

9. The next intel is easy to miss but is on the right side before you go inside a big cave. The Intel is right outside the cave on the rocks where the ammo will be.

Time and Fate 1986

10. Now the horse needs to eat, the intel is located to the far right inside the barn next to a wagon.

11. The next intel is located in a large building that looks like a church. The intel is inside one of the Bell towers, the one to the right. You need to get to the tower on the right side and the intel is inside the bell tower.

12. Alright don’t bread, but the intel is located in a room that is in the back area to the left side right after the room that has all the cocaine, you will know what i mean when you get there.

Fallen Angel 2025

13. Back to the current time, this intel is located to the right side, inside a small room. This is the first room after you begin Fallen Angel.

14. This next intel is located once you open the gate, the intel is located right after you pass the bus and where the extra ammo is located too.

15. When you come out of the flooded street after getting through the drone it will be right in front of you.

Karma 2025

16. This one is in the back right on a desk after the use of the retina scan.

17.  When you are in combat in the mall. The black ops intel is inside the store named d’HO.

18. This next intel is next to the computer after bar with water.

 Suffer with Me 1986

19. After we drop down the skylight we’ll be in a hall at the back of the warehouse. We’ll go around and come to some stairs going down. Before going down get the intel from steel shelves.

20. As we are escorting our prisoner we’ll come to a open church area. On the far left is a building with a blasted out wall. Inside is ammo and a intel piece.

21. Right after that we get into a building and we have a cutscene. As you start in the building go forward into the next room and the intel is right inside.

Achilles Veil 2025

22. At the beginning you will need to go down the far right side of the courtyard. The Intel will be located when you get to the next open area there will be a staircase on the left.

23. There is a building on the left and inside the building in the bottom floor you will find ammo box and right next to it is the intel.

24. In the area with the open sand you will notice two buildings, the interl in located in the second building on the root top where a gas tank is located.

Odysseus 2025 

25. The inel is on  outside part of the bridge after you reprogram the turrets.

26. In this intel location you will need to follow the red pipe where takes you to a small room and you will see the intel that is located on the table, not difficult to miss.

27. The Black Ops 2 Intel is located in the back of one of the Vtol that are laying out.

 Cordis Die 2025 

28. The bo2 intel is on the ground behind a burnt to the left near the bus.

29. The intel is located in the left side of the hotdog carts and the intel is on the table that you see.

30. Go through the mall on the left Dale’s Jewerly and up the escalator. The intel is on some shelves to the right at the top of the escalator.

 Judgement Day 2025

31. Go to the second floor in the building 27, there you will find the intel.

32. This other intel is located on the 3rd row in the control room.On the far left of the 3rd row in the main tiered control room.

33. this last intel is located on the crates of the lower floor.

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