Black Ops 2 Die Rise How To Build The Trample Steam

This video will help you build the Trample Steam for Black Ops 2 Die Rise.

The first zombie DLC called Black Ops 2 Die Rise is finally here and like always your going to need to build something to move your way around. Your going to need to find three parts a fan, flag pole, battery and the gate. You might want to do this with at least four because it could be very difficult to do on a solo playthrough. Since you have to collect all four part it is a lot easier if you get four players an each one collects a part.

After you have all parts your going to want to build it your going to want to leave it behind because it like a launch pad. This will be extremely necessary because the map requires you to reach high ground and move very often around the map. Lucky their are a lot of areas to explore on Die Rise.

How are you enjoying the new DLC? Was it what you had expected or more? If you haven’t purchased it does it seem fun enough to make you go out an buy it?



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