Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies Mystery Box Location

Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies Mystery Box can be located through the entire playthrough of the map.


Black Ops 2 Buried Mystery Box Location is of course somewhere in the map. To locate the mystery box this is what you need to do. After spawning you will go all the way down and work your way through. Once you are down you will go around the middle section and next to the stair that has the ? sign you will see a box layed out, well that is the Mystery Box . If you need additional help with this guide or any other buried guide, do please follow the video guide above in which it will provide you with how to get to the mystery box quickly.

In order to open the Mystery Box, the player must be next to the box and press and hold the ‘use’ button. When activated, the available weapons will randomize until a weapon is chosen. This process takes about four to five seconds. If the weapon is not picked up within 10 seconds, the box will reset and it will be able to be opened again in two seconds.

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