Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies Achievements and Trophies Guide

Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies Achievements and Trophies are revealed and you can see what you will need to accomplish.

black ops 2 buried achievements and trophies

The Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies Achievements and trophies will guide you through the new DLC in which you will fight to survive the attacks of the undead in the game. Follow the description below for each of the achievements and trophies to know what you need to do to unlock in the game. There are 10 achievements and trophies in the game that you will need to unlock and different items that you will need to collect in the game as you playthrough it.

TOC: Buried Zombies Walkthrough

  • Mined Games – In Buried, be their pawn (Silver)
  • Ectoplasmic Residue – In Buried, acquire a perk for free (Bronze)
  • I’m Your Huckleberry – In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game (Bronze)
  • Death From Below – In Buried, drop the beat on zombies 10 times (Bronze)
  • Candygram – In Buried, make a candy delivery (Bronze)
  • Awaken Gazebo – In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 with no one using the bank or weapon locker (Bronze)
  • Revisionist Historian – In Buried, rewrite history (Bronze)
  • Mazed and Confused – In Buried, Survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher (Bronze)
  • FSIRT Against the Wall – In Buried, Purchase the LSAT of the wall and pack-a-punch it (Bronze)
  • When the Revolution Comes – In Buried, return to processing (Bronze)

Follow our complete Buried Walkthrough to get all the tips and tricks and help you advance through the game effectively.

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