BioWare Considering Kinect for Dragon Age Inquisition

BioWare Considering Kinect for Dragon Age Inquisition

Cameron Lee, producer BioWare, told Official Xbox Magazine that peripheral alternatives like Kinect, SmartGlass and PlayStation Move will be carefully considered for Dragon Age Inquisition and depending on the feedback they receive in other games, they decide whether they belong in the RPG, since the study does not add without reason and the same applies to multiplayer.

“Not only do we want to jump on and say we’ll do something because maybe that’s not what the players want, it may not be a good experience.” Lee said. “We have the luxury of time to see how people respond and do something that is right. So we’ll see where that takes us.” He added.

Note that Dragon Age: Inquisition debut later this year, which means that BioWare still has time to shuffle their options in this regard.

Regarding the multiplayer, Lee praised the work done in Mass Effect 3 , but said nothing is definite yet.

During the Christmas break, BioWare announced that Dragon Age Inquisition and is in playable condition and deepened slightly in the design criteria behind the title.

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