BioShock Infinite Infusions Locations Guide

BioShock Infinite Infusions can be located through out the entire playthrough of the game.

BioShock Infinite Infusions

BioShock Infinite Infusions Locations are a great item to gather as you will need it to advance through the game and level up different characteristics of your character. When Booker comes across an Infusion, he must choose between upgrading the capacity for extra Shields, Health, or Salts. However, the player must be careful on which of the three to upgrade their capacity with each Infusion, for once the player adds an Infusion, they cannot change it back. Follow the guide below to find all the locations and to know how to use the infusions then take a look at our full detail walkthrough to help you through all the tough levels of the game.

TOC: Walkthrough, Review, Voxophone LocationsTelescopes and Kinetoscopes LocationsVending Machine Locations, Infusions Locations

Bioshock Infinite Infusions Locations

  • Comstock Center Rooftops
  • Monument Island Gateway
  • Battleship Bay
  • Soldier’s Field
  • Hall of Heroes
  • Inside the Hall of Heroes
  • Return to the Hall of Heroes
  • Beggar’s Wharf
  • Worker Induction Center
  • Good Time Club
  • Plaza of Zeal
  • Shanty Town
  • Bull House Impound
  • Factory
  • Emporia
  • Port Prosperity
  • Memorial Garden
  • Memorial Garden
  • Bank of the Prophet
  • Operating Theatre




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