Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Gold LP Locations Guide

The Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Gold LP Locations Guide will help you in finding all the different spots in the game where you can locate them. Once you locate them each will give you a Angelic Hymns Gold LP along with a weapon that you are able to unlock each time you discover and Angelic Hymns Gold LP item.

The Angelic Hymns Gold LPs are special records of music that contain the crystallized voices of angels. They are either found whole or broken up into parts are found throughout the entire game. The Gold LPs are usually found throughout the Chapters either after defeating certain enemies or hidden away in Umbran Resting Places.  However, some of them require extra condition to be fulfilled outside of the main game in order to unlock. Follow the Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Gold LP Locations below:

TOC: Walkthrough | Gold LP Locations

Bayonetta 2 Angelic Hymns Gold LP Locations

Rakshaka LP – Chapter One – (0:07)
Kafka LP – Chapter 2 – (0:23)
Undine LP – Chapter 4 – (0:52)
Chernobog LP – Chapter 5 – (1:27)
Takemikazuchi LP – Chapter 8 & 9 – (2:04)
Salamandra LP – Chapter 10 – (3:04)

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