Battlefield Hardline in Development for Over 2 Years, Says Creative Director

According to Visceral Games creative director Ian Milham, work on Battlefield Hardline began “about a year before Dead Space 3 shipped.”

“Well, development sort of ramps up rather than begins all at once,” he answered in a recent post on NeoGAF. “There was a core team on this for about a year before DS3 shipped, then the bulk of the team came over.

We always have multiple things going at different scales. Star Wars is our other thing currently going, but we always have some other stuff simmering, including the New IP.”

Producer Yara Twit echoed Milham’s sentiments on Twitter, stating that development on “Hardline started over 2 years ago.”

Do you feel that a two year plan is enough for a game like Battlefield Hardline to have it  completed.

Battlefield Hardline will be releasing October 21.

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