Battlefield Hardline Beta Hotwire Multiplayer, Tips, Guide

Battlefield Hardline Beta Hotwire Multiplayer, Tips, Guide

In this guide we bring some good gameplay of the Battlefield Hotwire Multiplayer mode and give you some tips and how to go about playing in this mode. In the Heist mode we will show you how this mode looks and feels along with weapons, vehicles, gadgets and much more about it.

In Hotwire, the objective of the Criminals is to steal a set of marked vehicles and drive them to a specific location displayed on the minimap. The objective of the Law Enforcement is to stop the Criminals from reaching their objective by any means necessary.

The criminals are trying to steal a list of marked cars while the cops are trying to repossess them. It’s pedal to the metal action as you jump into different rides to catch up with the enemy. And don’t forget you can bring a friend riding shotgun to take them down.

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