Below are the battlefield 3 weapons list that will be available during the game. Some of the weapons we have seen before in previous Battlefield video game and now apper in BF3. If you want to see how some of these weapons in action then go ahead and see the Battlefield 3 customization weapons guide.

Battlefield 3 Weapons Customization Guide
Battlefield 3 Weapons List
Battlefield 3 Vehicles List

Assault Rifles
M10, M16

M4A1 · AKS-74u

Submachine guns

Light machine guns
M240 · Type 88 LMG · M-249 · Pecheneg


Sniper rifles
SKS · SVD · MK11 · M98B

M9 · MP443 · Glock 17

Rocket launchers
M136 AT4 · RPG-7 · SMAW

M67 Hand Grenade · C4 Explosive

Trijicon ACOG · PSO-1 4x Optic · Holographic Sight · M145 Machine Gun Optic · Tactical Flashlight · Deployable Bipod · Flash suppressor · Flechette Ammunition


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