The Battlefield 3 Multiplayer guide for Beginners (noobs) will show you and help you how to become a better online player. You will see and read strategies about how to use the assault class, Support, engineer along with best strategies on using tanks, jets, weapons and much more. We will try to provide you with as much information that you need to become a better Battlefield 3 player, but hard work on you own by practicing and using what we show you here will help you to become a better bf3 player. If you are a advanced player and have some tips or suggestions then please do leave your comment below or make a video guide and let us know about it and will pass it on to the bf3 community.

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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide
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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide for Beginners Part 1 Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide for Beginners Part 2
Battlefield 3 Tips and Tricks for Noobs Pt 1 Battlefield 3 Tips and Tricks for Noobs Pt 2



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