Batman Arkham Origins Penguins Arms Cache Locations Guide

The guide will help you find Batman Arkham Origins Penguins Arms Cache Locations during the playthrough of the game.

Batman Arkham Origins Penguins Arms Locations

Batman Arkham Origins Penguins Arms Cache Locations are in the penguin mission where you will need to locate all 6 of penguins arms cache. You will unlock DisruptorDisable weapon box upgrade.

This takes place after Batman escapes the Gotham City Police department and batman is contacted by Barbara Gordon as crates have gone missin  from the precinct. The Penguins Arms Cache locations are given to you by Mrs. Gordon who tell you where to go and find those 6 locations in the game. Follow our complete video game guide that will show you how to complete the Penguins arms cache locations and get you closer to completing the game.

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Locations of Penguins Arms Cache

Arms Cache 1

You will need to locate the weapons behind the Burnley GCR Comms Tower. There will be four members of the swat team guarding and you will need to take each one down with the Disruptor on the crate.

Arms Cache 2

You will head to the Gotham City in northern Diamond district and you will head behind the building where a delivery truck is located and you will find the penguins arms cache behind the truck.

Arms Cache 3

The third Penguins Arms Cache is located in northeast coventry district and is located behind big wharehouse by the water.

Arms Cache 4

North of the wonder tower in Sheldon park, go up to the left side of the building by the balcony, take out the guard silently and the same way the other 2 guards

Arms Cache 5

Move to the Amusement Mile Distric and go by the southern balcony. The arms cache is located in the crate. Open it and destroy penguins arms cache.

Arms Cache 6

Locate the horse statue in the northwest section of the bowery and enter the Jezebel center to the east and you will turn and move toward the subway. Gather some explosive gel  on the southern wall to find the sixth arms locations.


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