Batman Arkham Origins Enigma Datapacks Locations Guide

Batman Arkham Origins Enigma Datapacks locations are through all the 10 different networks in the most wanted mission of the game.

 Batman Arkham Origins enigma datapacks locations

Batman Arkham Origins Enigma Datapacks locations are the most extensive items to collect in the game as it will take you some time to complete. We will be providing you guides on how to complete all the extortion files by gathering all the enigma datapacks in the game.  You will need to access the GCR comms Towers. There are 7 GCR Comm towers that have been jammed and Batman will need to access to as you will destroy them with Batarang.

Follow our complete strategy guide  of all the enigma that have 20 extortion files and to stop this you will need to collect all the pieces that complete the file. There are 10 datapacks for a total of 200 pieces that you will need to gather. To access all the enigmas first you will need to solve the Coventry tower deathtrap. For you to be able to access the Enigma’s server you will need to destroy all 70 network relays. Once you do this, you will need to find all 200 enigma datapacks to unlock the secret room.

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DataPacks Locations:

  • Park Row
  • The Bowery
  • Amusement Mile
  • Cargo Ship
  • Industrial District
  • Pioneer’s Bridge
  • Coventry
  • Regent Hotel
  • Burnley
  • Police Station

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