Batman Arkham Origins Casefiles Reports Locations Guide

The Guide will help you with finding the Batman Arkham Origins Casefiles Reports Locations.

Batman Arkham Origins casefiles reports

Batman Arkham Origins Casefiles Reports Locations can be found in the game. Once you go through the story mode you will have to use batman detective skills to figure out several cases that have not been resolved. As you solve each casefile that are in the game you will then unlock the next one in it. Follow the complete game guide to know how to unlock the different casefiles in the game. Once you get close to the crime scene, what you need to do is tap the detective vision button to pull the scanner to get the evidence.  Follow our Batman Arkham Origins Casefiles reports guide below to get all the best tips and tricks to resolving all of them in the game. There are eight different casefiles that you will need to report and them all to unlock great features.

TOC: Walkthroughachievementstrophiescharacters guideCheats CodesEnigma Datapacks LocationsPenguins Arms Cache LocationsBlack Mask Drug Stashes LocationsAnarky Tags Locations, Casefiles Reports Locations

Coventry Tower Deathtrap

Located in Coventry Tower Malfuction.  This case takes place during the story mode of the game in which you will need to gain access to the ope world.  Once you solve the crime it will show you to Enigma and the most wanted side mission.

Helicopter Crash

In this one you witnessed a helicopter crash and you will be looking for survivors.

Lacey Towers Murders

Police believe that penguin murdered the black mask.

Helicopter Crash

Dixon  Docks Shooting

Amusement Mile Mauling

Burnley Hit and Run

Coventry Fire

Jezebel Plaza Fall


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