Batman Arkham Origins Black Mask Drug Stashes Locations Guide

The Guide will help you with finding the Black Mask Drug Stashes locations in the game.

Batman Arkham Origins Black Mask Drug Stashes Locations

Batman Arkham Origins Black Mask Drug Stashes locations are through out the Black Mask mission in which you will need to find all six locations in the game.

Finding the Black Mast Drug Stashes take place during the story mode where after you investigate the Steel Mill, as Batman you will need to destroy  the chemical container before exiting the building. Spray explosive gel on the barrel and destroy them all.  Our game guide will help you will finding all the Black Mask Drug Stashes locations in Gotham City. See below how to get all the Black Mask Drug Stashes.

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Black Mask Drug Stashes locations

Drug Stash 1

This is located in the Park Row district. Head to the Abandoned courthouse in northern park row, move to the back of the building. Take out the hostiles and head to the wall to the north. A security device keeps it locked and you will need  to get the crystallographic sequencer and you will enter the society and detonate it with explosive gel.

Drug Stash 2

You will find location 2 in the Bowery district. You will enter the light and power building has a connection between Sheldon park and the bowery.  Now take out the two individuals that are in the upper leve and enter the southern hallway to find the container for location 2.

Drug Stash 3 

The following Drug Stash is located in the Pioneer’s Bridge. Head to the Pioneer’s bridge middel pillar, there are 5 black mask man guarding it  and the container is located on the western walkway. you will need to use Batmans disruptor to disable the two firearm, find the drug stashes and take out the foes out.

Drug Stash 4

The black mask Drug stash is located in the coventry district. Two black mask are located in the southwest corner of the districk. First you will need to take out the black mask man and and and see the platform next to the water. You will have to use the shock gloves to charge up the portable generator  to open the gate and the container will be inside.

Drug Stash 5

The black mask drug stash is located in Burnley district.  As you are looking from the roof you see from the east of the GCPD, Drop off the back and take out the enemies and once everything is cleared take out the container.

Drug Stash 6

The Park row is where the last drug stash location is. The last container is in the southern park row just west o the ace chemical building and take out black mask men and destroy all the last drug stash.












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