Batman Arkham City Review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)


Batman Arkham City Review for Xbox 360, PS3, PC


Arkham city is now ruled by criminal psychos that have terrorised the city.  Now the enemy has been housed in a place where they have their own rules and are only a danger to themselves.


As Bruce Wayne lands in jail by a plan from Dr. Hugo, who knows that Bruce is really batman.  Now Bruce finds a way to escape from these criminals and soon suits up as Batman the ruthless dark knight.  He then finds out that Catwoman is being held prisoner by two face who will kill her.  




During the game Batman will somehow in the wall of arkham city will find his way talking to Joker, penguien, two face, Mr. Freeze and many more.  I Don't want to spoil these but it gets good on how Batman some how is linked to these criminals.


During the game you will not be alone as you will be able to play with catwoman by unlocking her. There is only 10% that you will use her during the gameplay, but she has the same control mechanism as Batman and you will adapt to her quickly. she also has some riddler torphies to collect just like batman.  There are about 404 riddler trophies that need to be collected throught the game, collecting them is very important, you collect enough of the trophies and you will be able to recue the prisoners.


You can find more details in the video review about side quest and collectibles that Batman has to go through as well as the combat mode, gliding, detective mode and gadgets that batman uses during the game.

Arkham city is a well graphycally defined city that will take you through an adventure that you will never forget. The sound is amazaing, you actually hear all the details, when gliding, fighting and even walking.


Batman Arkham City is one of the most satisfiying games that you can buy as is well designed, combat trilling and a adventure that you will never forget and that it will have come come back many times to play it again.


Gamerfuzion gives Batman Arkham City a 9.5 out of 10

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