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Back 4 Blood Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough for Back 4 Blood.


  • Create a Deck
This is where you’ll create and modify your deck for the different game modes offered in Back 4 Blood.
In the beginning, you are given a limited amount of cards to start your deck with.
  • Start a run
Talk with General Phillips when you are ready to start your first run.
  • (Optional) Spend Supply Ponts at Supply Lines
Here allows you to spend supply points you’ve earned from playing through the campaign and multiplayer to acquire new cards to improve your deck.
  • (Optional) Enter the Practice Range
Gun Range is usually located to the left of spawn, outside the red doors, and is used to experiment with combinations before jumping into a game unprepared.
Every weapon is available for you to try out a wide variety of combinations, to find something you’ll enjoy.
Target Range, allows you to try out and see the damage output of your weapons.
  • Weapon Customization:
Allows you to customize your weapons skins.
  • Character Customization:
Where you can customize your character’s outfits.

Back 4 Blood Campaign:

ACT 1:

The Devil’s Return:

Search & Rescue:

The Dark Before The Dawn:

Blue Dog Hollow:

ACT 2:

The Armory:

Plan B:

Job 10:22:

ACT 3:

Dr. Rogers Neighborhood:


ACT 4:

The Abomination:

Secrets Locations:

The Devil’s Return Secret (1) [VIDEO]

Once you blow up the tanker, alerting the hordes and starting ‘The Crossing‘ finale, quickly make your way across the bridge until you reach the ship.

From here, make your way down the steps until you reach the barge wrecked into the side of the ship’s lower level.

On the closes corner of the barge, you’ll find the first Golden Skull located inside a suitcase.

Search & Rescue Secret (2) [VIDEO]

During the mission Book Worms, after securing the library, you are asked to rescue the survivors trapped inside an apartment building. Make your way to the objective and once there blow up the gas cans stacked at the basement door.

Defend off the horde before progressing further.

Once inside, make your way up the stairs and make your way into a little room to the left.

You’ll find the second Golden Skull located under the desk.

The Dark Before The Dawn Secret (3) [VIDEO]

Toward the end of the mission ‘Special Delivery‘, the third Golden Skull is located on top of scaffolding just left of the safe room.

Blue Dog Hollow Secret (4) [VIDEO]

During the mission, Hell’s Bells, you’ll come across a part where you must flip a semi back upright using a tow truck.

This will trigger a horde that you must fend off.

Once upright, climb into the semi’s container and continue to make your way forward under the bridge and through the narrow paths until you come across the area in the image below.

Be careful here, though random, chances are you may encounter a Hag.

Then climb up onto the hill and make your way toward the back, hidden behind the tree, where you’ll come across the fourth Golden Skull.

The Armory Secret (5) [VIDEO]

On the mission ‘A Call to Arms‘ after making your way through the parking garage, you’ll exit out into a suburb.

Turn right and make your way down the path behind the buildings.

You’ll come across a chicken coop toward the end where the fifth Golden Skull will be located inside.

Plan B Secret (6) [VIDEO]

On the mission ‘Hinterland‘ progress until you come across this waterfall.

Continue a little forward until you drop down, then backtrack to find the sixth Golden Skull hiding in the waterfall.

Job 10:22 Secret (7) [VIDEO]

On the mission ‘Grave Danger‘, after exiting the saferoom, head towards the church and continue to follow the road to the right until you come across the graveyard.

Stick to the right and go into the mausoleum where you’ll find the seventh Golden Skull resting next to a toy turtle.

Dr. Rogers Neighborhood Secret (8) [VIDEO]

On the mission ‘Garden Party‘ toward the end of the maze, before heading up the stairs, continue straight following the path until you find the eighth Golden Skull sitting on top of a tall pot.

Remnants Secret (9) [VIDEO]

During the mission ‘Making the Grade‘, after the horde encounter in the gym, make your way up the bleachers and out the window following the path.

Progressing forward, turn right just before the stairs and grab the ninth Golden Skull that’s hiding inside a tent.

The Abomination Secret (10) [VIDEO]

During the final mission of the game, when The Abomination is fleeing, play through it normally, damaging its four weak spots, and when the timer gets around 1:50 the tenth and final Golden Skull will become accessible.

Location is the first path to the right.

Complete Video Walkthrough:

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