Ubisoft reported by a spokesman in his official forum, which is now available Secrets of the Revolution , the second downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed Unity . You can take a look at our Assassin’s Creed Unity Walkthrough for any tips and best in game strategy.

The DLC is only available for PC and Xbox One at the moment, but since the official announcement any exclusivity is not required, it is more likely that soon also be available for PlayStation 4.

This expansion contains the following:

3 missions

  • The Chemical Revolution
  • The American Prisoner
  • Killed by Science

6 pieces of equipment

  • Siege of Maastricht Hood
  • National Guard Trouser
  • Addorsed Eagle Belt
  • Athos Duel Shirt
  • Black Musketeer Breeches
  • La Tour d’Auvergne Bracer

8 weapons

  • Maple Hunting Rifle
  • Over-Under Pistol
  • Razorhead Spear
  • Armorsplitter Axe
  • Parade Pistol
  • Pappenheimer Rapier
  • Hooked Impaler
  • Sabre of Honour

The content is free for those who purchased the Season Pass, however, other users can buy it for $6.99 USD both Steam and Xbox Store. It should be noted that those who bought in pre Assassin’s Creed Unity , and had access to the missions The Chemical Revolution and The American Prisoner.

Only a week ago, Ubisoft released the first downloadable content, Dead Kings , which was completely free to all users as a compensation due to programming errors from the main game, the constant patches to fix them, which in turn created new bugs and cancellation of the Season Pass.

Secrets of the Revolution thickens even more the experience of Assassin’s Creed Unity , but because of all the negative situations surrounding this title, is likely to be his last expansion. Hopefully soon errors are repaired persist for fans of the series can enjoy the game as it was planned by its developers.

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