Assassins Creed: Revelations All Memoir Pages Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The video guide(s) below will guide you on locating all the Assassin's Creed Revelations memoir pages of Ishak Pasha's. You can find all the 10 locations below in video format to help you see where exactly the locations are or can read about them and find out where each are too. Once you collect all the memoir pages then you will unlock the Worth a Thousand Words achievement or trophy.  Need more help then take a look at our Assassins Creed: Revelations Walkthrough for more tips, tricks on completing the entire game.


Memoir Page Locations

  1. Imperial North District – Found on the roof of the large building in the southwest corner of the district. Search for a dome-like roof in the center of the building, the page is ontop of the small dome.
  2. Bayezid North District – Climb to the top of the tall spire, just northeast of the massive and unique structure in the southeast corner of the district.
  3. Constantine North District – Found in the central northern wall of the district. Follow the tall northern wall until you discover a cracked area near the top, you’ll need to climb to the roof of a building to jump in through the crack. Climb up and turn right, you’ll see some stairs leading to a deadend. The page is on the ground, up the stairs.
  4. Constantine North District – Found at the top of the spire near the very unique building in the northwest corner of the district.
  5. Constantine South District – Search the central western edge of the district. Stay on the ground, and look for a courtyard surrounded by building with a tunnel leading to a closed gate. Head into the tunnel and look right of the gate to find the page
  6. Constantine South District – Find this page on the roof of the only building in the southern corner of the district, surrounded by open field.
  7. Arsenal Distrct – The page is inside a building against the tall stone walls, in the western corner of the district. Search for a small warehouse or barn, and walk inside, looking up. The page is on a beam, jump up to grap it.
  8. Bayezid South District – Find this page on the dome-shaped room of the large building in the southeastern corner, just north of the dock. Search the roof of the unique building, you can’t miss it.
  9. Imperial North District – Just south of the Topkapi wall, you’ll be able to spot a very large structure in the southeast corner of this district. Climb up the north eastern spire, from the large unique structure, to find the page at the very top.
  10. Galata District – Find the page at the large circular tower in the northern central section of the district. Climb to the very top of the tower to find the page.

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