ARK Survival Evolved Collectors Edition – Only at GameStop

ARK Survival Evolved is getting a collector’s edition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which is a GameStop exclusive. The price of the item retails for $160 and will release on 8/8/17.

This premiere package includes:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved Game
  • Season Pass with all 3 Expansion Packs
  • Handcrafted leather-bound Explorer’s Notebook, featuring the Dossiers of every creature you’ll find in “ARK: Survival Evolved”, over 100 of them!
  • Official ARK necklace
  • Cloth map of the ARK island
  • Development team poster
  • Collectible faux-wooden chest packaging
  • Capture and Tame Dinosaurs: Discover over 100 different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures on the island, finding ways to tame them into useful additions for your tribe’s dino herd.
  • Survive Above All: Hunger, thirst, basic safety and protecting yourself from the weather are all part of the game. Run too far and not only will you be exhausted, but you will also quickly get hungry and thirsty. Weather effects are based on real-world climates, and so you’ll need to hide out from rain and snow, while making the most of sunny days.
  • Harvest, Hunt and Build: Cut down trees and turn them into a basic home, which you can quickly expand into a Jurassic estate. Hunt for meat, scavenge for plants (or start your own garden!)
  • Gather Resources, Customize Everything: An extensive crafting system invites you to mix and match materials scavenged from the island, while also modifying the colors, textures, shapes and style of everything from the walls of your home, to your character’s armor, weapons and more.
  • Explore the Island: Solve the mystery of The ARK as you explore this massive island, discovering Explorer’s Notebooks (filled with clues!) throughout. Make your way to the final boss and figure out why you’ve been dropped into this Jurassic-era experience.

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