Analyst say Destiny will sell 10 million units or more

Analyst say Destiny will sell 10 million units or more.

Facing the financial report Activision to be held tomorrow, February 6, financial consulting, Cowen & Company, warned investors that the first year of the new generation of consoles will be especially risky for Call of Duty, because the series comes down and will face stiff competition from games like Titanfall and Destiny , which could be sold over 10 million copies.


“Entering 2014, the franchise will face competition from 4-6 titles in the genre, including heavyweights such as new generation Titanfall (EA) and Destiny, the company itself [Activision]. “said the firm. “We are very concerned that the first full year of a new cycle of consoles is the one that is provided for consumers to change brands, with several options available, we think that CoD is particularly vulnerable., we are lowering our forecast for the year 14-16000000 tax units sold, down 25 million from 2010 to 2012. ”

Cowen & Company explained that the critical reception of Call of Duty: Ghosts was disappointing and this was reflected in a decrease of 26% in sales of the game during the last third of last year.

Meanwhile, the barbell with Bungie to Activision Destiny would be the most promising of the year, with a total projected sales of 10 million units. “We hope the game sells well and we model 10 million units in its life cycle, with potential for more. Yet somehow we are more excited about Hearthstone , Blizzard. ”


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