AMD PROMO 7900 Series receives Far Cry 3 Hitman: Absolution free

AMD Promo of Never settle gives games an incentive to purchase.

amd promo

AMD Promo gives a gamer the incentive to buy a 7900 series video card and in return you get Far Cry 3 or Hitman Absolution absolutely for FREE!

Well that gets me in the the door, how about you? The trick here is too chose an AMD HD 7770 series and you get the game for free also you will receive 20% off of the latest game Medal of Honor Warfigther, which you can check out the review and find out how good this game is.

The higher in the food chain you go the more expensive cards get, like a 7900 card you are talking about $400 plus. But if you get the game for free and 20% off on warfighter then that is a deal. Are you getting a AMD card and which one?



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