Amazon Fire TV Revealed

After months of speculation, the popular online store announced during a special event in NYC, their new device called the Amazon Fire TV, which will be used to watch movies, series and sports content streaming, but also will with the addition that you can play video games. The people of the United States and they can purchase for $ 99 USD.

This means that the company headed by Jeff Bezos already has a direct competitor to Apple TV and Chromecast, and among the services that are supported, in addition to the series and movies that already included in your Amazon Prime plan, find Hulu , Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo,, NBA, and the content itself that the user has stored in the Amazon cloud.

Some of the technical features of Amazon Fire Tv are including 2 GB of RAM memory, a dedicated graphics processing unit, 4-core processor, an HDMI output and Dolby Surround. In addition, you can connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection and includes a remote control that allows voice input through a microphone built into it. Your operating system is based on Android, so it will be possible to import all its applications.

Turning to the part of video games, Amazon announced that among the first titles that are currently available for Amazon Fire TV are Minecraft , Asphalt 8 , The Game of Life and Sev Zero , and revealed that thousands of games coming soon from companies like Gameloft, Disney, Ubisoft, 2K Games, EA Games and SEGA. These may be played on the TV via a wireless controller that is sold separately for $ 39.99 USD, but also may be done through an application that is available for smartphones and tablets.

Finally, Amazon revealed that it will become a distributor of video games and is currently working on one of the exclusive shots. Although the details are unknown, this title could be related to the purchase of Double Helix by Amazon a few weeks ago.

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