Alienware Announces their Steam Machine

Another partner of Valve announced a version of Steam Machine Valve during the conference at CES 14 was Alienware.

This Steam Machine work with Intel CPU to use its technology and graphics processing unit (GPU) will be provided by Nvidia. The company did not mention the hardware specifications, but said that, in terms of performance, will exceed One Xbox and PlayStation 4, also run games at native 1080p resolution.

Physically, the machine has a square design 8 × 8 inches, and a height of 3 inches. Include 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front and your back will incorporate inputs HDMI output and input an optical audio output and Ethernet inputs and power for what will be an external power.

Alienware and Valve did not disclose the price of the machine, but confirmed that it is in their plans to arrive in mid-2014, along with an update that will make the Alienware X51, the Alienware desktop system, supports SteamOS to also function as a Steam Machine.

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