Alan Wake Walkthrough All Manuscript Page Locations (XBOX 360)

Our Alan Wake Walkthrough All Manuscript Page Locations will help you unlock "Picking Up After Yourself"   Which is earned by Find all the manuscript pages. you will be reward with 30 G.


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Alan Wake The Signal Walkthrough

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Alan Wake - Episode One: Manuscript Pages Locations Achievement<br /><br /><br />
Guide Alan Wake - Episode Two: Manuscript Pages Locations Achievement<br /><br /><br />
Guide Alan Wake - Episode Three: Manuscript Pages Locations Achievement<br /><br /><br />
Guide Part 1 Alan Wake - Episode Three: Manuscript Pages Locations Achievement<br /><br /><br />
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Alan Wake - Episode Four: Manuscript Pages Locations Guide Part 1 Alan Wake - Episode Four: Manuscript Pages Locations Achievement<br /><br />
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Guide Part 1  


Waking up to a Nightmare total 10

  • Given to you as you head towards the gas station.
  • 2x
  • After “meeting” Karl Stucky its in with the stacked wood.
  • At the upper right shed with the old tractor.
  • Take the right side 3 logs to get to a small island with the page on a box.
  • In the Biltmore Logging Company building beside the generator as you look for a way up, along with the Shotgun.
  • On the path up.
  • On the path.
  • At the creaky gate.
  • On the road behind the float at the gas station.


EPISODE 2 – TAKEN Total (22)

Bright Falls Sheriff's Station total 5

  • In your office next to cover mock-ups.
  • x2
  • On the floor next to the CT.
  • In the last cell on the way to the parking lot.
  • On rock to right after kicking wooden barrier at fence.

Elderwood National Park total 4

  • By the yellow pickup and the shed.
  • Take the hiking trail to the right to a gazebo. It’s to the right of the abandoned car.
  • In the back of the abandoned car.
  • On the steps of the Park Ranger Office.
  • On the floor in the Ranger Office.
  • On the picnic table as you head down after the boss by the deck overlook on the path.
  • At the Lovers’ Peak fork. Take the left and the MP is on the ground in the picnic area.
  • In front of the Lovers’ Peak sign after the generator.
  • On the rock after going over the broken fence.
  • In front of you after you fall from Lovers’ Peak right before you cross the trees. [PAGING MR. WAKE achievement]
  • Past the wood barrels behind a fallen log near the edge.
  • At the entrance to the other hunting shed with the generator. Also contains the Hunting Rifle.
  • On the small deck outside the second floor of the mill.
  • On the stacks of flour after using the lift.
  • After mill go into left side wood shack. Climb the boxes to get to the other side.
  • To the right of the garbage can by the woman’s bathroom.
  • In the tunnel by the semi.


EPISODE 3 – RANSOM Total (22)

On The Run Total 11

  • In front of you as you leave Rose’s trailer.
  • On a tree on the path as you escape. This is past the bridge and after you drop down to a new section.
  • Up the road to the right after the police cruiser is thrown in front of you.
  • On the rocks to the right after the wood bridge right after safe haven.
  • On the wood fence immediately after the radio station.
  • Continue up to the radio tower.
  • On the gate up the path from the flood lights. This is away from your current direction.
  • On a rock to the right just after the shanty.
  • On a stump on the path after all the junk and the call from Alice.
  • Before ladder after you are attacked by objects.
  • On the balcony as you leave the depot.


Mirror PeakTotal 11

  • On the top floor of the tall building right after the tower.
  • Walkway of mine entrance.
  • On the ground after you drop out of the mine.
  • On some wood by the CT.
  • On the path as you leave the mine.
  • On the bridge at the ghost town.
  • At the bottom of the right shaft in the silver mine to the right where all the dead trees are.
  • On the left on a wood structure when you drop down into the large mine room with all the chains changing from the ceiling.
  • As you leave the silver mine go up the stairs and then climb the wooden tower.
  • On a rock on the path. Can’t miss.
  • On the stairs going down towards the lake.


EPISODE 4 – THE TRUTH Total (19)

Cauldron Lake Lodge Total 10

  • Given to you.
  • By the stairs back down after visiting your room.
  • On the back table in the Radio room.
  • Given in Harman’s office.
  • To the left of the TV.
  • In the maze in the back right corner with the tree.
  • Take the back left branch to a dead end with the page.
  • In the shed on the left with the shotgun.
  • As you head down the stone path towards the water.
  • Go left to the overlook area before proceeding.


The Anderson Farm Total 9

  • At the end of the mine tunnel. Turn on the light first.
  • On the planks as you go for the generator.
  • Give to you by the Light.
  • At the tower with the generator.
  • On the front porch.
  • On the circuit breakers on the back of stage.
  • At the back left corner of the farm after you see your cutout again.
  • TV 11 – In the barn.
  • In the top floor of the barn.
  • On the landing of the second story.



Night Falls in Bright Falls Total  7

  • As you leave the cell.
  • Right next to last one at the door on right.
  • In the back by the bathrooms in the diner.
  • On the podium in the mayor’s office.
  • On the cash register desk of the bookstore.
  • On the church podium.
  • On the top of the deck after the church up the hill.


Bright Falls Light & Power Total 3

  • After coming back up from the river side in the transformer area its to the left by some powered lines.
  • Take the manlift to the roof and it’s on a chair.
  • After leaving the pipe its on the path.



  • In the middle of the road.
  • As you leave the tunnel after the possessed monster truck.
  • On the oven in the junk yard when you are forced out of your vehicle.
  • On the brick oven in the far back left building.
  • As you are getting off the rotating elevator.

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