Advanced Warfare Supremacy Skyrise Easter Egg Location Sledgehammers

Advanced Warfare Supremacy Skyrise Easter Egg Location Sledgehammers

Take a look at the Advanced Warfare Skyrise Easter Egg Location in which you will see the step on how to get to the Sledgehammers Easter Egg that is in the upcoming DLC Supremacy which includes the Skyrise map. In the video below you will see how Tmartn shows where the location of the Easter Egg is along with it he takes us back in 2009 when the high rise map was first release and on top of the roof where teddy bears.

Now moving to current time you will see in the video the the Easter Egg has change to Sledgehammers which is very funny that “Sledgehammer” company added their signature in the way as an Easter Egg.

TOC: Carrier Exo Zombies Walkthrough | Achievements | Trophies | Skyrise Easter Egg Location

In the Skyrise map for the Supremacy DLC you will be Deploy to an Atlas Skyscraper overlooking the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. This re-imagining of Highrise brings new Exoskeleton mechanics to the classic MP map. Dominate the power positions in the center of this small-to-medium sized map to control the key navigation points.

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