Advanced Warfare getting more than 15 weapons buffs

Michael Condrey, head of Sledgehammer Games, announced over the weekend that 15 weapons from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will get buff, most notably, increasing the power of the semiautomatic machine gun SMG, SN6. What other parts arsenal will be subject to changes is unknown.

The manager also explained that very soon there will be new ways of receiving elite items with supply drops. These are rewards that the user gets to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , especially the multiplayer, which consist of new weapons or aesthetic attributes for the character. In this kind of loot there is a category of elite provides rare items, but judging from forums and comments on YouTube, it is unclear what to do to get these items.

According to Condrey, a new way to unlock Elite Supply Drops will be climbing the ladder Prestige levels, but did not detail exactly how this new mechanics works.

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