Advanced Warfare Exo Suit Infection Perk Machine Locations Guide

Advanced Warfare Exo Suit Infection Perk Machine Locations are through out the entire Burger town map in which you will need to find them so you can have a chance to stay alive and last many waves of zombies along with Juggernaut Mini Boss Zombie. In the Exo Zombies mode there are 5 Perk Machines that you will need to locate in the game, now each of the 5 will allow you to be faster, stronger and able to resist more attacks from the different Zombies in the mode. Now each of the 5 machines will not make you invisible and you can easily loose all the perks if you die. Now do take a look at the video guide below and image in which it shows you exactly the 5 locations of the Exo Suit perk machines and once you find them you will be able to upgrade the following from each perk machine:

TOC: Exo Zombies Infection Walkthrough | Achievements | Super Serum God Mode | Tips, Strategy Guide | Exo Suit Locations | Perk Machine Locations

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