Advanced Warfare Exo Grapple Mode Tips, Strategy Guide, Tutorial

Advanced Warfare Exo Grapple Mode Tips, Strategy Guide

In this tutorial for we bring you how to best use the Exo Grapple mode in advanced warfare Ascendance DLC with tips and best in game Strategy guide. The Grapple Mode is new to Advanced warfare and will only be available in the Ascendance four new Maps: Perplex, Site 244, climate and chop shop. You can only use the Grapple mode for the DLC 2 Ascendance, below are some tips on how to best use this mode:

TOC: Exo Zombies Infection Walkthrough | Achievements | Super Serum God Mode | Tips, Strategy Guide

– You can use the Grapple mode twice until it renovates again
– You have limited length to use it in
– You can kill your opponent with the Grapple
– You can hang on the Grapple cord like spider man and attack your opponent with a SLAM
– You can use it to pull you faster to another section of the scene
– Keep practicing tips to become better


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