Advanced Warfare How to Combine Custom Weapon Camos

Advanced Warfare How to Combine Custom Weapon Camos

In this next Call of Duty advanced Warfare tutorial we will show you how to create custom weapon camo and how to combine Camos to get two in one. You can have custom weapon camos from two weapons and by doing this you can combine them, but lets dive in and show you how this can be done.  Follow the next steps:

1. Head to Create a Class
2. Choose a weapon (with camo is preferred)
3. Now you will need to have the weapon that you choose to have a camo already
4. So choose BAL-27, AK12, MK14 ETC
5. Personalize the Weapon with any camo that you prefer
6. See the result and how great it looks

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements & Trophies | Exo Zombies | How to Upgrade Exo Suit | Intel Locations | Exo Survival Walkthrough | BAL-27 Breakdown | AK12 Breakdown | ARX-160 Breakdown

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