Max Payne Max Payne could be coming to the PS4 Soon

If you’re hoping to replay the first title of Max Payne on PlayStation 4, we have good news, because according Exhophase , the game is listed for the console with 12 trophies.

Although rumors began to emerge in December last year , the registration with trophies might make us think thatMay Payne coming soon to PlayStation 4 as a PlayStation 2 title relaunched.

Furthermore, it would not be surprising that Rockstar, who has the rights of Max Payne , threw more games PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4, as the series Grand Theft Auto already had this treatment.

Max Payne was first released in 2001 by the hand of Entertainmet Remedy for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC. Years later it was available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

In addition, recent reports suggest that Rise of the Kasai , PlayStation 2 game, will also come to PlayStation 4

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