Yoshi’s Island  is one of the games we remember with more affection and longing, and it is for the delicious breath of fresh air that was their original approach and brilliant level design, the steady trickle of ideas, its fascinating variety of mechanical, and put Above all, his courage in re-imagine the world of  Super Mario World  and the classics that preceded to tell us how the world was when Mario and Luigi could neither pronounce “mustache”. Such a cute and original idea that, nearly two decades later, it remains the basis for a new giant charged in size but small in concept platforms.

Nintendo and effective trend continues to revisit their “greatest hits” returning to the original material, from  New Super Mario Bros , until the recent  Zelda A Link Between Worlds , in which nostalgia has become the foundation on which to build new playable and aesthetic (plot addition, in the case of Zelda). But now comes the good Yoshi and presents the most conservative purist ‘New’ in recent years, a conclusion that seemed to pursue from the fabulous  Yoshi’s Story  Nintendo 64  to the correct Yoshi’s Island DS. However, new Yoshi’s Island shows that the wild was none other than the original island. Begin the journey to the past.


As you can see in this frame given by the chambers of the Egg Island, and from the first levels, fidelity to the 1995 game is constant, so the atmosphere of the Worlds (which follow the same thematic order), for the ‘casting’ of enemies, rescuing shy guys, piranha plants, lakitus, fantásfagos, nep-onuts, Monetes-eating watermelons and many other “repeaters” to make us feel at home. Even the  intro is identical to the original, with the same memorable music box melody, while the loses clueless Stork  Baby Mario  in a island and  Kamek  steals Baby Luigi to order of  Baby Bowser . The mission of the Yoshis will take turns their island areas to carry Baby Mario safely with his brother. Everything is just as we remembered it … until I started playing.


The first thing that has changed is the aesthetic eye, taking the funds as a Canvas Art Academy and splashes of Impressionist brushstrokes blending watercolors, pastels and crayons, although funds and timid details convey a sense of stage vacuum, more along the lines of  Super Mario Bros  2  that of the original Yoshi’s Island itself. In fact, if you rejugáis version of Game Boy Advance 3DS or expect to do so in a few weeks (it is advertised for Virtual Console), will find that the original has aged much better than you would imagine, because in many cases, looked more Detailed and colorful in Yoshi’s New Island , who cares too much to emulate the style of pre-rendered sprites instead of leveraging the capabilities of 3DS.


Beyond the artistic frame, the  controls are virtually identical : Yoshi swallows enemies with his prodigious tongue and eggs becomes accumulates behind them, then throw them against enemies or clouds of questions that trigger many secrets. If you receive one damage to lose Baby Mario, smashing mourn as a time of ten seconds appears to recover before it with the Koopas. This time is extended to thirty seconds after the chekpoint crossed, or if we collect enough stars that hide bouncy by level, and next to the usual  20 to 5 margaritas red coins, which amount to the lyrics of some tropical platforms KONG .

Sympathetic margaritas multiply our chances of winning at roulette goal to end a level, and if fate is on our side, they become gold medals, and there are 30 for each world, but getting them is a matter of life and luck. Not surprisingly, become one of the main enablers for low main duration: 6 worlds eight levels each.  That is, adding all the secret items, we have  180  gold medals,  240  margaritas and attention,  960  red coins. Ie  1380  objects  to collect,  which makes Yoshi’s New Island (and the original) in one of the most replayable platforms 3DS if we complete it to 100%, and for this you are going to explore every scene with magnifying glass for weeks .

As expected, the difficulty has been reduced considerably, but its curve is progressive. Collectors will pass the hard time if you pretend you get it all, while novices can go for a walk to the finish and use special wings when the going gets rough, a kind of Super Guide, but less glib than most recent Nintendo games.


Actually, the news of Yoshi’s Island does not warrant the New ‘New’ in the title, but they have their grace. The first of this news are l os Shy Guys giant digestible megahuevos , with which we can destroy inaccessible areas and collect coins piles as they bounce between propellants until they break. But the real chicha is in metallic eggs , which not only act as devastadroas rolling rocks, but allow Yoshi dive to the bottom of the sea to get rid of it, go back up to the surface, and underwater fun is over, that could have been exploited more.

And the timing of changes in vehicle arrives. Finally, the car disappears, the mole-digger (cachis, that was cool) and the little train that went ballistic, but change incroporan no less than four new vehicles, which makes a total of six: wagon drill bobsleigh and balloon, which  comes directly from  Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation  for the Game Boy Advance, which also used the motion sensor to direct Veículos on screen, although the response was much less refined and reliable than the gyroscope, which can also be used to move when look at aiming, and is one of the biggest hits of the game, as it saves commands and allows targeting of more intuitive. Once you try it, the old control thing seems Jurassic. You’ll see, now.

One of the most absences have missed is the classic minigame scratch that appeared to end goal. For some unknown reason, the game sacrifices one of the hallmarks of the series but instead allows us to unlock  minigame for two  after completing each world, that is, if we take a scientific calculator, it gives us a total of six minigames.

This is cooperative and competitive challenges for two idiots, that closely resemble individual mini- Yoshi’s Island DS . Non spoilearos the remaining four, highlight the challenge of balloons (coperativo) or endurance races flit by (competitive), but really just picándote and competing in both modalities. The good news is that it allows local release mode with one copy of the game, correcting the error of Super Mario Bros 2.


 Yoshi’s New Island is full of secrets frantic platforms, but excessive fidelity to the original leaves a sense of complacency by their designers, more typical of a Yoshi’s Island Remastered than an adventure really ‘New’ to contribute ideas sufficient to override a formula that we all know since we were more babies than Mario. The great success of the game is therefore impeccable control, its great use of the gyroscope was a pleasant surprise.

When you play Yoshi’s New Island , some will agree with the notion that any past was better, and if it really was is because games like Yoshi inspuerables in which we now see reflected tried were made. Perhaps in an uncertain future we manage to find new classics that pay tribute like this in the future, but for now will settle for playing remember our childhood … and Mario.

The game is already vediendo in some stores, although its official release date is tomorrow, so we hope to hear your impressions in a few hours. Oh, and watch out for the monkeys, spitting watermelon seeds. Again.

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